Drip Irrigation – Proposed Project

Lack of water in Afghanistan is a barrier to the farmers who depend on the agriculture-based economy which means they depend on it by growing crops for their livelihood. A drip irrigation would help ease the conditions and save money for the farmers whereby the water would not be wasted especially during the very hot and dry conditions.

According to research, the conditions in eastern Afghanistan is appropriate to targeting the farmers in these provinces and help fulfill the need. There is a strong need for “adequate irrigation” which can find a solution for best adaptable for Afghanistan.

Farmers have changed their mentality that is instead of growing poppy, they now turn to growing legal crops. Due to the damaged or absent of canals and dams in the past four decades in Afghanistan, farmers have no choice but to depend on an irrigation system for sustainable growth and efficiency in water resources. Without an irrigation system, farmers and their animals move from rural areas thereby leaving the land to younger generation. The major obstacle is keeping the farmers to stay and produce the crops.

The new drip irrigation system would help selected farmers in eastern part of the country (starting with Nangarhar province) and to help them improve their crops and enhance the sustainability of water resources. If they see the benefit that is less cost of water, less work on managing the crop, and a sustainable income, they would choose to stay in the area.