Spogmay’s recovery from malaria

In the rural areas of Afghanistan, Spogmay, a 14-year-old girl, suffers from malaria that she picked up from being around dirty water, where she got bitten by a mosquito.

Since there is no hospital care near her home for the treatment that she urgently requires. It is necessary for her to travel a long distance for the help that she needs.

Spogmay is not the only one suffering from malaria. In fact, in Afghanistan there are over 17 million people at risk. Last year, about 40,000 new people contracted this illness due to the lack of health facilities, poor sanitation facilities, and a lack of knowledge.

Spogmay, a newly returning refugee, who is one of 7 in her family, does not have any job opportunity in the war-torn country, and therefore the family has no money to get treatment privately.

ICRAA staff found her recently and provided her with medicine, and prevention supplies such as nets and soap. Fortunately, Spogmay was able to get well and continue her happy child life, however, we need continuous support to hire professionals and to purchase supplies in order to help more people like Spogmay.

We need to reach our goal of £5000 within 50 days to assist over 50 women, children and returnees per month.

ICRAA must continue its work and spread its activities to other areas of Afghanistan where the risk of mosquito transmission is higher.

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We believe this story about Spogmay clearly illustrates the Enemy (lack of funding), the Hero (the ICRAA), and the Recipients (victims of malaria).

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