Photo of Dr Sanaulhaq Ahmadzai, Chairman and Trustee with Monique Villa at Trust Conference London, UK held at QEII Centre in 2018.
Our Chairman
Dr Sanaulhaq Ahmadzai
Chairman and Trustee

Dr. Ahmadzai has over 30 years of experience in improving the welfare of needy Afghans whether they are in Afghanistan, Pakistan or in UK. He helps asylum seekers with translation, and shares the Afghan people voice in conferences.

ICRAA is a charity
ICRAA is a short acronym which means the International Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan.

Registered in England and Wales with the Charity Commission (charity number 1154654). The ICRAA has completed three projects and has helped some 15,000 Afghan people since 2013.

The people we help
Our latest project focused on poultry distribution for the newly migrants.

We are very happy in the work we do to help Afghan needy people because they have faced four decades of war and were working to rebuild their lives and homes through our charitable activities.

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Charity Programmes
  • The establishment of a network of ambulance services.
  • Strengthen health services in rural areas.
  • Development of farm agriculture sector.
What our past supporters said

“ICRAA has eased the lives of many thousands in communities across eastern Afghanistan.”

Nancy Dupree
Life expectancy in Afghanistan

The life expectancy of the Afghan people is around 62.5 years old.

About Us

The International Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan is a UK-based non-profit charitable organisation seeking to aid repatriation and recovery programmes in Afghanistan and, in particular, for Afghan refugees in Pakistan, who have been displaced by over four decades of war.

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