Welcome to ICRAA

Afghanistan Humanitarian Crisis 2021

Dear Supporter of ICRAA,

Asalam Alikum.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family to be safe and healthy from COVID-19. It means a lot that you are supporting our charity and it is for a great cause. My self and the team cannot express how thankful we are for your funding and friendship over the many years.

I am sure you have heard in the news about the humanitarian situation that is still going on in Afghanistan. To recap, on August 15th, the government of Afghanistan collapsed and the Taliban group took control. This event created a massive humanitarian crisis in central Kabul and across the country.

Today, thousands of people are in need of basic support. 

We can respond to this crisis together. 

We urgently need; food, water and medicine supplies.

Can we count on you for support?

About the ICRAA: We are an award winning charity based in England, UK with prior experience in food distribution and health programmes. For years, we have also voiced peace support in Afghanistan.

Our humanitarian response plan

Dr. Sanaulhaq Ahmadzai
Chairman and Trustee, ICRAA

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