Help us rebuild shattered lives in war-torn Afghanistan.

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Remembering Nancy Dupree, “Grandmother of Afghanistan”



Our supporter Nancy Dupree passed away in Kabul on September 9, 2017. Nancy supported our peace efforts in Afghanistan. Our chairman Dr Sanaulhaq Ahmadzai had a meeting with Nancy earlier this year in Kabul discussing the different ways of getting to peace. With her guidance, we were able to hold meetings with tribal leaders and different political representatives in Kabul. In her appreciation letter to ICRAA, she said “ICRAA has eased the lives of many thousands in communities across eastern Afghanistan.” Nancy will be missed very much by the Afghan people.

Projects Completed in 2015

families of kunar receives help from ICRAA

Emergency Supply of Women’s Clothing for the war-affected Kunar province. People migrate to Nangarhar province of Afghanistan to escape civil unrest. 1,400 families benefited from this project.

Projects Completed in 2017


Our goal is to help the migrants who are returning to Afghanistan from Pakistan where they were exiled. Through this project, we will help at least 2000 families by providing them with a variety of 10 seedlings (e.g. Eucalyptus, Coleanthus trees, and different varieties of Pines and Bakain, Sempervirens). These species are selected as they are fast-growing and affordable. The families will use the trees for shade, and fire and the foliage will be used to feed their animals.

Recognitions, Affiliates & Awards

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