Welcome to ICRAA

We are Helping Needy People today.

Currently, in Leeds city, we offer support to asylum seekers, refugees, disabled persons and other needy people (including women and children) by providing them with healthy food. This is an ongoing project with the support from local shops. In the future, we hope to initiate a project like this one in Afghanistan in order to reduce poverty by providing poor people with food. At this time, we welcome potential donors to express interest in new projects which supports people in Afghanistan or here in the UK.

About the ICRAA: 
We are an award winning charity based in Leeds, UK with prior experience in food distribution, sustainable environment, and disaster relief programmes.

Calling for urgent support

to respond to Afghanistan humanitarian crisis

We are seeking donations in order to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The humanitarian situation is worsening, and this is negatively affecting many Afghan lives. 

With support from individuals, churches and mosques, and interested partners, we can provide warm clothing, essential medicine, and food packages to Afghans.


Our humanitarian response plan for Afghanistan

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