Our work

Our proposed activities include:

In Afghanistan, ICRAA plans to undertake a milk programme in Nangarhar province to improve the nutrition of Afghan people which will eventually lead to self-sufficiency, better health, and a steady income for the communities taking part as an alternative to being dependent on growing poppies.

In the UK, Afghanistan, and for Afghan Refugees in Pakistan, ICRAA plans to undertake an education programme to improve English proficiency.

In Afghanistan, ICRAA also plans to implement an ambulance service programme based around Torkham-Jalalabad and Kabul, to improve the speed and efficiency with which accident victims are treated and to improve the health of ill people (including young children, elderly persons and pregnant women).

All of these programmes are to be delivered free of charge to the communities with which we work.

Our mission:

ICRAA is a UK-based non-profit charitable organisation seeks to aid repatriation and recovery programmes in Afghanistan and for Afghan refugees in Pakistan, including health, education, agriculture, animal welfare and as well as disaster relief. 

More information/Contact ICRAA

Please contact us if you would like to explore a partnership with us, volunteer, or would like more information about our work.

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